Flood Preparedness and Early Warning Project
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The Flood Preparedness and Early Warning (FPEW) Project focuses on flood risk management in the basins and sub-basins of the Eastern Nile (EN).
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Eastern Nile Seasonal Flood Monitoring Program
 Gumara Flood Inundation Map

Eastern Nile Seasonal Flood Forecast

The Eastern Nile is one of the places in the world with recurrent Flooding. Populate areas in the region are significantly affected by flash and riverine flooding in most of the years. The most flood affected areas in Ethiopia for instance, are the Dembiya and Fogera floodplains around Lake Tana (upper Blue Nile) and the Gambella area in south west of the country. The Blue and Main Nile River reaches in Sudan are also frequently affected along with the downstream Nile Delta region in Egypt.

The Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) works to mitigate this human suffering through various means. One of its fast track projects – the Flood Preparedness and Early Warning project (FPEW) was launched in 2007 and has been providing assistance to national, regional and local authorities through early warnings and capacity building for preparedness.

The main objective of this FPEW project is to enhance regional collaboration and improves national capacity in mitigation, forecasting, early warning, emergency preparedness, and response to floods in the EN basin. The early warning information include: expected flood extents and inundation levels, information used for safe and efficient reservoir operation in the whole region.
Daily Accumulated Percipitation :
Three Days rainfall forecast generated over the EN catchments (regions) using Eta model is displayed as of 24 hours accumulated precipitation. The next 3 consecutive days spatial rainfall distribution imagery data observations and the accumulated rainfall estimates across EN river systems are presented.
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 WRF Model Rainfall Forecast Daily Accumulated Precipitation

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