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The Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) works under the governance of the Eastern Nile Subsidiary Program (ENSAP), implementing water resources projects for the region of the Eastern Nile. As the technical center for ENSAP, ENTRO is linked to the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) and its organization. At the country level ENSAP has National Focal Point (NFP), undertaking overall coordination and liaison, National Coordinators and Working Groups for the individual investment projects, and National Social Development Coordinators (NSDCs).

At its inception, ENTRO’s staff was comprised of three senior technical specialists seconded by the governments of the EN countriesGovernments to perform management and project preparation functions. In June 2004, the Eastern Nile Council of Ministers (ENCOM) decided to restructure ENTRO, replacing the technical specialists with an executive director and regional project coordinators. These individuals were competitively recruited from the Eastern Nile countries of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan. ENCOM appointed a transitional arrangement, with an interim manager and board, to carry through the restructuring that was completed in May 2005. The interim board now comprises the ENSAP Sub-Committee.

At present ENTRO employs about 20 staff members, of whom six are senior regional officials.