Flooding is a common problem in many places all over the world. Eastern Nile (EN) region is one of such places which affected by riverine and flash flooding.
This implies that Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) finds a means to mitigate human sufferings from the recurrent flooding events in region.

Some of the most flood affected areas by riverine and flash floods are: Lake Tana floodplains (Dembiya and Fogera floodplains) and Gambella areas (in Ethiopia),
 Blue and Main Nile River flooding (in Sudan) and Delta of the main Nile (Egypt). Therefore the Flood Forecasting, Preparedness and Early Warning project (FPEW)
was launched and operational since 2007 to current.

The main objective of this FPEW project is to enhance regional collaboration and improves national capacity in the mitigation, forecasting, early warning, emergency
preparedness, and response to floods in the EN basin with many specific objectives such as generating useful information from different institutions, decision makers and
 users in the region. Some of the output results are: expected flood extents and inundation levels on the floodplains, information used for reservoir operation activities
and disseminate information to different users in daily, weekly and seasonal basis.




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